Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer Reviews: Buying Guide

Best petrol hedge trimmer

Hedges form an integral part of our backyards and gardens. They tend to grow unevenly into bushes just like other trees. Therefore, they need to be tended to frequently to preserve their aesthetics. Hedge trimmers are used in cleaning and pruning hedges neatly.

Trimmers are used to cut branches, twigs and even stems that form hedges in order to make the place tidy. There are many types of trimmers out there in the market but few provide the right performance especially when cutting old and woody hedges.

Petrol hedge trimmers differ in terms of material construction, fuel tank capacity, engine design, price, blades and cutting mechanism. Quality brands allow you to trim your hedge without fatigue, last longer, cut twigs in all directions and ensure safety.

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Best Selling Petrol Hedge Trimmers Compared and Reviewed

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Timberpro Hedge Trimmer Review


Top Features
Power: Timberpro is powered by a 1 cylinder and two stroke motor. This air-cooled motor provides 1.25 horsepower which allows you to trim your edge with ease. The cylinder can hold 25.4 centimetres cubed of petrol. It cuts through thick twigs, branches and stems.
Construction and Design: The whole unit weighs 5.6 kg which makes it easy to haul and move along your hedge. It easy to start and operate with the inclusion of visual aids. Timberpro comes in an attractive design with well-blended colours.
Innovative Blades: This hedge trimmer is made of 600mm blades with a large cutting capacity. Double-sided blades reduce the amount of work while saving time. It is also designed with a rotating mechanism which cuts both vertically and horizontally.
Accessories: It comes with a manual and a toolkit used for assembly and maintenance.

Heavy duty machine offered at a great price. Lasts longer with proper maintenance. It starts easier and produces quality work. The main point of sale is the rotating-double blade which allows you to cut in all directions without moving the whole unit.

A bit noisy for a two stroke trimmer. It’s also a bit heavier for extended use. Sometimes the motor is fault where it runs with static blades.

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G-Tech Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

Top features
Design: G-Tech has a single sided but long blade which measures up to 750mm. The handle is made of side grips which makes it easy to use.
Material: This blade is made of hardened steel which helps in cutting through thick and woody hedges. The whole unit is made of metal which makes it super durable. It weighs 5.4 kg which is attributed to the metallic construction.
Power. G-Tech can trim at least 50 meters of a hedge. The tank capacity holds an adequate amount of petrol to see you through a long trimming exercise without making refills. It shows a lot of performance consistency regarding the amount of trimming hours.

It,s a very efficient machine which runs for hours without refills. A strong metallic blade allows you to trim old and woody hedges. This trimmer looks good and offers the right functionality especially for people looking for extended bars.

Vibrations can cause nuts and bolts to loosen at times. It is also heavy for extended use especially when you want to raise it to the top.

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Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Top Features
Extension: The most unique aspect of the design of Ryobi is the extension pole measuring 270 cm. This takes care of all areas in your garden especially those which seemed to be out of reach initially. It allows you to reach the top of your hedges thus leaving your garden clean and neat.
Power: Ryobi RPT4545M consists of a blade which has the capacity of cutting 20mm. It has enough power to cut rough hedges which would be hard to trim we ordinary cutters. The tip features a laser cut diamond.
Handle and Movement: Its handle is designed using GripZone technology which provides both comfort and safety while in use. Also, it has a swivelling head that can rotate up to 135 degrees. This allows you to cut at all angles. This model comes with a strap which helps in reducing fatigue.
Weight: This model weighs only 4.1kg which is comparably lighter. You can use it for long hours without experiencing fatigue.

An extension allows you to trim branches which are hard to reach. The design consists of safety switches which make the Ryobi user-friendly. Three sections allow you to optimize reaches. It’s a great tool with a large cutting capacity.

It’s not great for thicker edges and provides no access to the other side. The extension of the blade combined with the unit thickness makes the whole unit heavy for extended use.

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Einhell GE-PH 2555A 2-Stroke Petrol Hegde Trimmer Review

Top Features
Cutting Performance: Einhell 2555a uses a 24.5 cc engine which offers the necessary power and robustness needed to trim an old and long hedge. This machine is made of diamond ground blades which improve the overall cutting performance. It also comes with a rotating blade which allows you to cut at all angles. A 55 cm blade allows you to reach all parts of your hedges.
Design: The provided auto-choke feature caters for both newbies and experienced works by ensuring the Einhell is easier to start and stop. It is also designed with a 3-position rotating handle which makes it’s easy to adjust while cleaning your garden.
Sales Experience: Einhell 2555A comes with a 2-year guarantee and after-sales support. This offers confidence while buying one and takes care of product maintenance.

It’s affordable considering its performance. Comes with a 2-year warranty and a simple maintenance and assembly guide. Powerful engine and rotating blade increase the capacity of work done.

The engine’s carburettor needs to be re-tuned. The bottle used for mixing is very confusing when it comes to ascertaining oil and petrol proportions.

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TrueShopping Pole Hedge Trimmer Review


Top Features
Power: TrueShopping trimmer utilizes a 43cc, vertical cylinder and air-cooled cylinder. This provides the right power and thermodynamics needed for trimming large areas. A two-stroke engine offers great performance suitable for cleaning your back yard and gardens. The maximum speed of the engine is 13000 revolutions per minute which gets the job done much faster.
Extension: The posterior features a 3 meters pole which allows you to trim hard to reach areas. The long reach hedge trimmer is made of hardened steel weighing 1.8 kg. Also, the blade offers 10 different cutting angles allowing you to trim with great manoeuvrability.
Tank Capacity and Maintenance: The fuel tank can hold up to 1.2 litres which is enough for a single trimming job. The engine features a semi-wet and quick removal filter and a forced air cooling system which preserve the life of the engine.

A simple switch is used to start and stop this powerful trimmer. A double-edged blade made of hardened steel improves performance and extends the life of the trimmer.

It weighs 5.7 kg without the cutter attachment which is a bit heavy for extended use. It has issues running with the choke.

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Types of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are of three types with regards to power sources. The first one is the cordless trimmer powered with batteries. This type is usually lightweight and easy to move but the battery power is limited. Electric or main powered hedge trimmers are light, easy to manoeuvre and have a steady power source. They have a short cord which limits their use. Then we have petrol trimmers which are suitable for large areas and overgrown foliage. The only downside is that they are a bit heavy and require refuelling and maintenance.

Things to Consider When Buying Petrol Hedge Trimmers

When choosing a trimmer consider the material design. Metallic ones tend to last longer. However, you should not compromise on portability since some metallic hedge trimmers are heavy. This makes them unreliable for extended use due to the induction of fatigue. The selected model should be easy to use with a simple on and off button. Provided parts should have a replica in the market so as to facilitate repair.

Consider the engine power to ensure you walk away with a powerful machine. Quality trimmers employ 2 cylinder engines with considerably large fuel capacity. These allow you to cut woody twigs for long periods without making a refill. The selected trimmer should have a quality blade tip. Hardened steel and diamond make great blade tips due to their mechanical resilience. Engine power of petrol hedge trimmers is measured using CCs. The higher the number the mightier the power of the trimmer.

Another important aspect is the blade regarding its cutting mechanism and size. Quality blades are long and have large cutting diameters. These allow you to clear large areas with minimal effort. Consider buying double sided blades since they provide a natural and cleaner edge. Rotating blades also allow you to trim your hedges with little movements of the whole unit. There are others which rotate up to an angle of 135 degrees. Consider the tooth spacing commonly referred to as the blade width. This determines the maximum number of branch thickness that can be cut. Big and denser hedges require bigger blades