Best Patio Heater Reviews: Buying Guide

Best patio heater

A patio heater allows you to enjoy dining or relaxing both indoors and outdoors. Quality heaters provide you with warmth all year round. You can place it in your pool area, garden or at the backyard. They provide heat without smoke or ash.

Patio heaters also add beauty in your physical space which makes your home presentable when you have guests. Some are also bright enough to light your backyard at night. Patio heaters vary in terms of fuel, colour, colour, size, mounting among others.

Patio heaters produce heat either by burning fuel like propane or heating an element using electricity. There are many models available in the market both for domestic and commercial use. This abundance makes it hard to choose quality models. Below are things you need to know before buying a patio heater.

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Best Selling Patio Heaters Compared and Reviewed

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Firefly 2KW Infrared Electric Patio Heater Review


Top Features
Construction: Firefly is designed with a waterproof function approved by IPX4. This makes it useful both indoors and outdoors. You can relax comfortably in your garden at any time of the year. It weighs only 3.7 kg which makes it easy to haul and carry. Its innovative construction makes it perfect both for domestic and commercial use.
Infrared: Firefly uses infrared which makes it clean and nearly maintenance-free. The warming effect is felt immediately the unit is turned on. This 2KW heater is equipped with quartz infrared heating elements which emit medium wave infrared energy thus providing a feeling of comfort.
Adjustable Height and Stability: The heating element is adjustable up to 45 degrees up and down. A heavy base makes it extra stable.
Power and Cabling: Being electric in naturally eliminates the hassle associated with batteries. A 3 meter long cable is incorporated to make it more convenient.
Consumer Confidence: It comes with a 2 year warranty which increases product confidence while buying. The Firefly patio heater is certified by CE, GS and ROHS for safety.

Infrared heaters are not affected by adverse climatic conditions like droughts. Firefly is economical and environmentally friendly. It is easy to clean and store. It is very safe since it eliminates worries about pressurized gases or cylinders. It is adjustable and well stabilized. It is made of steel which makes it durable.

Not effective in windy conditions. It works better in sheltered areas. Firefly has a comparatively low power output.

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AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater Review

Top Features
Construction and Design: Havana is made of steel which makes it durable. This model is coated with a bronze finish which gives it a glossy look.
Heat: Havana has the capability of producing 46,000 BTU’s. This unit is capable of heating an extensive area of at least 5.5 meters. This powerful heater delivers a soothing warmth thus providing comfort. It is perfect for outdoor uses all-year round.
Piezo Ignition: Only 9 kg of LP gas is needed to operate the heater. A simple push-button system gets you started. A variable heat control knob allows you to toggle between high and low settings. It also incorporates a safety auto shut-off valve which turns the unit off when tipped over.
Sturdy Base and Wheels: A base reservoir system enhances stability and ensures secure placement. The base can be filled with water or sand to create a heavy base. An assembly of wheels is included which helps in moving the unit.

It heats a wide area with a soothing, quiet and consistent heat free from smoke and flames. It is easy to transport using the wheel assembly. The construction provides functionality and appeal. A bronze coating also prevents rusting and complements other surrounding elements.

The thread screw connector is of poor quality which compromises with safety. The gas pipe is too short and the gas regulator does not fit well in the cylinder.

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Oypla Electrical 2KW Quartz Outdoor Patio Heater Review


Top Features
Construction: A steel structure is combined with an innovative design thus making the product ideal for domestic and commercial uses.
Adjustments: Oypla is designed with 3 heat settings which allow you to set the ideal warmth around your physical space. These are 650W, 1350W and 2000W. The stand can also be adjusted to different heights for application in multiple places.
Power and Light: This 2KW heater comes with a 2 meters long power cord. The lamp is also capable of lasting 5000 hours. Apart from providing warmth, this model also provides a glowing light.
Overheat Protection: Safety is enhanced by a quartz tube heating element. This unit is certified for safety by CE and ROHS.
Heavy and Stable Base: Oypla is designed with a heavy base which improves stability.

This model is easy to assemble and lasts longer. It is safe to use with the incorporation of an overheat protection element. You can place it at the right height. It looks good and stylish especially when you have guests. It is very stable and less bulky.

Oypla is not suitable for rainy conditions. A longer head is more preferable.

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Kingfisher PH300 Patio Heater Review

Top Features
Construction and Colour: Kingfisher is made of steel which makes it durable. It is also made of heterogeneous colours which match the decor around your patio. PH300 weighs 8 kg making it hard to topple over.
Stability: Kingfisher is made of a heavy 2-section base. This helps in keeping the unit stable even when placed on table tops.
Power: It has a knob used to make heat adjustments at the base. On the upper part of the base is also a shut-off used for emergencies or when the heater is knocked over. This table top patio heater is suitable for garden and outdoor uses.

It is easy to assemble and saves power. PH300 provides ideal warm in cold weather. It is less cumbersome compared to full height heaters. You can place it anywhere from table tops to deck floors. Delivers enough heat immediately after turning the heater on.

It does not fit through the parasol hole. This model has compatibility issues with gas cylinders.

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Firefly 1.8KW Wall Mounted Quartz Patio Heater Review


Top Features
Power: This Firefly model is capable of 1.8KW and comes with three power settings. The 600W, 1200W and 1800 W allows you to make optimal heat adjustments. This wall mounted model is capable of heating an area of up to 67 feet square.
Safety: Safety is enhanced by quartz tubes which also provide serene operation.
Waterproof: It is approved by IPX4 for waterproof functionality.
Installation: Wall mounted screws are provided for easy installation. Wall mounting helps in keeping your space free and clear. This type of installation allows ambient heat to glow downwards. It provides days and night of warmth all year round.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses since it heats extensive areas. It is easy to install and usage is made simpler by the pull cord. Provides a range of heating settings. It eliminates the risk of being knocked over.

Waterproof features are a bit lacking. The numbered indicator becomes faulty with time. Faulty bars make it hard to differentiate power settings.

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Types of Patio Heaters

There are four types of patio heaters in terms of placement. We have standing patio heaters which are full-sized and portable. A compartment for a fuel tank is placed below. They generally operate at 40,000BTU’s and can provide warmth up to 20 feet in diameter. Mounted patio heaters come with screws which help in attaching the unit on a wall. They are not portable but provide permanent placement.

Patio heaters are ideal for small spaces and can produce up to 30,000 BTU’s. Hanging patio heaters are designed to hang from patio, deck or sunroom ceilings. Most of them are electric and allow for permanent installation. Table top patio heaters are quiet smaller and run mostly on propane.

Things to Consider When Buying a Patio Heater

Consider buying a model with a strong base to ensure stability. Models with safety shut off enhance safety in case the unit is run over. Choose models which have been certified for safety by CE, ROHS, among other safety approvals. Eco-friendly models will help you save power and money. Patio heaters made of glossy finishing are more appealing. A quality heater should be able to heat large areas. There are models with height adjustments. This complements placement by ensuring target heating. Choose a model with the highest BTU rating to ensure enough heat is provided for your patio, deck or garden. A quality patio heater should be easy to clean and maintain. Consider buying models which are partially assembled or fully assembled. Avoid units with faulty controls for they compromise safety and waste energy. Models with more than one power settings allow you to set optimal warmth conditions. Above all, make sure amount spent matches the quality of your selected heater.