Best Electric Chainsaws: Buying Guide

Best electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws allow you to cut different types of wood with less noise compared to petrol models. There are two types of electric chainsaws, corded and cordless. They run directly from an electrical feed and batteries respectively. Electric chainsaws are much lighter and incorporate automated lubrication and braking system which offer convenience and safety. Chainsaws vary with size, cords, price and other inherent features. Their light weight reduces fatigue, especially when pruning trees.

They are less noisy meaning you can operate them at your home without disturbing your neighbours. They are easy to start and require less maintenance. It eliminates the need to add expensive fuel. However, they have some drawbacks like the need for a long chord. Thy is less effective in doing demanding tasks like cutting down a tree due to their limited power. Electric chainsaws are great for small jobs like pruning, trimming and cutting small branches. There are many models in the market which make the selection process quite overwhelming. Buying chainsaws is a complex process.

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Best Selling Electric Chainsaws Reviewed and Compared

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Einhell GH-EC 2040 Electric Chainsaw Review

Top Features
Oregon Bar and Chain: A high quality 40 cm Oregon bar allows you to perform many cutting tasks in your garden. The chain is designed with a tool-less chain facility which makes the cutting process much easier.
Automatic Oiling and Kickback Protection: The oiling system is designed to replenish the lubrication system. This improves convenience and allows for smooth operations. An instant mechanical chain brake provides safety.
Power and Speed: It is equipped with a powerful motor rated at 2000W and coupled to a robust metal gearing. It can achieve a speed of 13.5 m/s. This allows you to accomplish lighter tasks much faster. This electric model has enough power to cut through branches and hedges. The power cable is 5m which is much longer compared to other brands.

It is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. It is powerful enough to cut through both wet and dry branches. Its power allows you to add a longer cutter.

It is a bit heavier and noisier making it unsuitable for extended use in areas which demand serenity. It requires more maintenance. The chain also has a tendency to slip.

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Makita UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw Review

Top Features
Power and Construction: This 240 v model combines power and a maintenance-free construction which gives back your money value. It is also super safe especially while undertaking demanding tasks. A flat motor housing end provides stability for placements. It is also double insulated for durability and capable of cutting 40cm.
Adjustments: Makita UC4041A/2 incorporates a new adjustment lever which allows you to adjust the chainsaw with ease. The chain oil pump also adjusts itself automatically. Plus there is an oil refill window for monitoring the oil level.
Safety: A mechanical kickback break helps in stopping the saw when switching positions or during emergencies. It also incorporates a large separate metal spike bumper.
Grip: It has a very soft grip which improves comfort while handling the chainsaw. These are also spiked to offer more control.

It is much lighter compared to petrol chainsaws. UC4041A/2 cuts through easily and with control. It is less noisy allowing you to cut even without ear defenders. The vibrations are unnoticeable which also improves control.

It uses a lot of oil, and the tensioner is a bit flimsy. Many adjustments are sometimes an inconvenience.

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Black Decker CS2040-GB Electric Chainsaw Review


Top Features
Power: CS200-GB comes with a powerful motor which offers great performance. It is easy to maintain and operates quietly. The motor delivers high torque allowing the chain to attain a speed of 12.5m/s.
Low-Kickback Chain: This chain allows you to cut through dry wood and live logs smoothly and faster. CS200-GB has a cutting capacity of 40 cm.
Cutting Tool: The blade is tension-free thus allowing you to adjust the chain mush easier. This improves the overall cutting performance. You can also change the chain with much ease which offers continuity.
Chain Break and a Spiked Bumper: This feature improves your safety while operating the chainsaw. It operates automatically within 0.15 seconds of kickback. The spiked bumper helps improve stability while cutting.
Oiling System: An auto oil system lubricates the chain thus improving the cutting efficiency. The oil window is used to monitor oil level to avoid abrupt switch-offs. It also eliminates spillages while refilling the oil tank.
Anti-vibration System: This system is combined with a rubber handle to improve comfort especially during extended uses. You can balance the whole unit between your hands which offers control.

A powerful motor allows you to cut through logs much faster. It cuts both dry and wet wood easily. It is easy to use and has high efficiency due to lubrication. Black Decker CS200-GB is comfortable, controllable and safe to use with the incorporation of an anti-vibration system. The fuel window makes this model more convenient to use.

The chain tends to come off in many instances. Fitting the chain and guide bar on the unit is a bit difficult.

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Bosch AKE 40-19 Electric Chainsaw Review


Top Features
Powerful Motor: Its motor is rated 1900W and can attain a chain speed of 12m/s. This offers an exceptional and reproducible cutting performance. This is complemented by a 40 cm bar length which allows you to accomplish intensive tasks.
Quality Chain and SDS System: Bosch AKE makes use of the Oregon chain which rarely breaks. The Bosch SDS system improves precision and provides the right chain tension. A tool-less assembly simplifies its use.
Kickback Brake: This model incorporates a Rapid-reaction kick-back brake which improves user safety.
Automatic Lubrication: This ensures continuity while cutting through branches and twigs in your garden.

It comes with a 2-year warranty which provides confidence. This model is easy and quick to assemble. It feels light and operates quietly compared to petrol chainsaws.

The chain tensioner is made of mild steel which buckles. This causes the chain to fall off sometimes. Frequent removal of the tensioner cover strips off bolt threads.

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Worx WG303E Electric Chainsaw Review

Top Features
Automated System: Worx WG303E is a smart chainsaw designed with an automated chain management system. This provides hassle-free tension control. The blade is also lubricated automatically which makes it more convenient.
Power and Built-in Brake: A 2000W rating allows you to make clean cuts with less effort. The incorporated high powered motor offers high chain speed for optimal cutting performance.
Control Systems: An automatic braking system stops the blade in less than 0.5 seconds. It ensures that your blade lasts longer. A low kickback and steel bumper spikes allow you to control the chainsaw while in use.
Tool-less Chain System: The chain can be tightened manually as the chain management system kicks in to correct chain tension.
Automatic Lubrication: This model lubricates your blade automatically thus extending the life of your blade.

It is easy to start and eliminates fuel problems associated with petrol chainsaws. The blade stays sharp after many cutting rounds. It is powerful, relatively light and quiet. This model has reassuring safety features. The chain is easy to adjust, and the whole unit is easy to control.

Sparking is observed from the motor. It suffers power losses on many occasions. This model is not suitable for cutting large logs.

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Types of Electric Chainsaws – Corded vs Cordless

Corded electric saws have a plug-in cord. They start with ease; you only need to plug them in and pull the trigger. But the power chord keeps you tethered to the nearest electrical outlet. Otherwise, they are lighter and require no recharge or refuelling. You need an extension cord which reaches the working area. Cordless chainsaws run on battery power. They offer great mobility but are limited to low run-time charge and slower speeds. The battery also adds weight to the chainsaw.


Things To Look For When Buying an Electric Chainsaw

Consider buying a chainsaw with anti-vibration features. This ensures comfortable cutting and reduces fatigue. Automatic oiling systems lubricate your chain as you cut through. Lubrication is essential for safe and efficient cutting. Make sure you choose a model with a chain break. This mechanism is designed to stop the chain in case of abrupt movements. Low kickback bars and chains reduce retraction risks of the cutting chain.

Electric saws with a tool-less chain adjustment allow you to change the cutting tension faster and easier. Your model of choice should have a carrying case for easier transportation. Select a model with a long guide bar length. This allows your chainsaw to cut the large size of woods in a single pass.