Best Petrol Strimmer Reviews: Buying guide

Best petrol strimmers

From lawn mowers to garden shredders, there are a number of tools that people tend to use for their garden work. Petrol strimmers are a common tool that people use to trim and cut bushes and weeds that can grow wild unruly. Depending on the type of strimmer you purchase, this particular type of garden work can be easy and only take a few moments to complete.

There are a number of petrol strimmers on the market, so it is important that people become familiar with their functions and what type of work they plan to complete with the tool. Those interested in purchasing a petrol strimmer can take a look at the guide below that features some of the best available strimmers on the market and their functions to help them decide which is best to help them maintain the appearance of their garden keep things looking nice and neat.

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Best Selling Petrol Strimmers Compared & Reviewed

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Parker 52cc Review


The Parker 52cc Petrol Strimmer can be used to help homeowners maintain the appearance of their gardens by working to cut and clear away unwanted grass, weeds and bushes. This model weighs in at 10 kg, making it a bit on the heavy side when comparing it to the other best-sellers, but the unit is still easy for users to handle. The harness also makes the unit easier to carry during operation.

With a powerful, reliable motor, this strimmer can tackle all trimming jobs with ease at a fast pace. The strimmer’s design features a split shaft, twin line strimming spool and three-way brush cutting blade. Keeping on top of garden work doesn’t always have to be difficult.

Those looking for a quality strimmer that will allow them to maintain their beautiful garden may want to consider the Parker 52cc Petrol Strimmer. When on offer, this is one of the best petrol strimmers under £100 and well worth a look.

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Hyundai HYBC5200 Review

Top Features

Power: Hyundai trimmer is powered by a 52 cc petrol engine. It handles all types of grass, shrub and hedge overgrowth. This model has a comparatively higher power to weight ratio. This improves inefficiency and eliminates drudgery while trimming large areas. It performs better with 40:1 mix of unleaded petrol.
Cutter: The cutting head is made of a two string nylon and a 3 tooth cutting blade. A high quality bump feed is also supplied to improve cutting efficiency. Metal cutting blades have 3 to 8 teeth which can be used selectively for shrub brambles and thickets. The eight teeth are capable of sawing through woody overgrowth.
Construction: Together with the twin shoulder harness, this model weighs 9.10 kg which is a bit heavy. The shoulder harness helps to reduce strain. You can use this massive unit without straining your shoulder, back or arms. Its shaft is designed to be split into two thus allowing for transportation and easy storage.
Adjustable Shaft and Controls: A adjustable shaft allows to obtain a custom cutting height. Hyundai trimmer is designed with fingertip controls which improve manoeuvrability and cutting precision. The trigger is placed on the handle for easy access.

Hyundai trimmer comes with an additional spark plug for starting the engine. This model has a 2 warranty which offers confidence when buying one. You can switch easily between the two blades while cutting through grass and woody thickets. The shaft locks perfectly which provides safety and convenience. The assembling processes and addition of fuel are very easy. The nylon string is easy to feed with the provision of a bump feed. The head trimmer allows you to change the nylon cord more easily. It has a large fuel tank which is useful when performing demanding tasks.

Its a bit heavy for some family members even with the harness. It comes with a very short piping system and the included manual is substandard. Some accessories like the spare line are poorly designed. The adjustments can slip when in use.

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McCulloh TRIMMAC Review

Top Features
Power: McCulloh features a 2 stroke, 25cc petrol engine. A 0.6kW is enough for cleaning your home. It is complemented by a fuel primer and a choke which allows you to start the machine more easily. The same goes for stopping the trimmer, using elaborate buttons. A manual pump is used to deliver fuel to the carburettor which makes it easier to start.
Cutting Ability: The cutting blade has a 410 mm cutting diameter and a 2 mm line diameter. This size combined with blade strength allows you to clean multiple areas more efficiently. A Tap N Go line feed improves the cord feeding performance. You only need to tap the head of the trimmer against the ground and the line is automatically fed.
Unique Design: The axial part consists of a loop handle and a curved shaft. These ergonomic features make the trimming process much easier. The curved part ensures that you are comfortable while trimming your hedges and flower beds. This is a two piece unit which can be detached for storage purposes. It’s easier to transport and store in small rooms.
Construction: This model weighs only 3.9 kg which makes it portable and easy to manoeuvre through thick grass and overgrown bushes. You can use for a longer duration without tiring out. McCulloh is very suitable for home uses even your siblings can operate it. The overall construction is sturdy allowing it to withstand wear and tear.

This trimmer is easy to start and the instructions are very simple. It performs well in an overgrown area. The trimming head is easy to replace. Its very light thus eliminating the need of a harness. McCulloh is easy to transport and store. This model is less noisy and cleans more efficiently. It offers a life of not less than 4 years. It is also offered at a reasonable price.

The trimmer has a tendency of falling off on startup. The throttle trigger of this model is a bit flimsy. The trigger requires something more sturdy for better performance.

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TrueShopping 5-in-1 33cc Grass Strimmer Review

Top Features
Engine Power: This heavy duty model is equipped with a 2-stroke 33cc engine. It capable of delivering 3 horsepower while using petrol. It’s rated at 0.9 KW which is enough to trim large areas. An 800ml tank, while not the largest, will cater for long clearing period. It avoids interruptions in the form of refills while cutting grass and weeds.
Cutting Blade: True-shopping is made of a 3 toothed cutting blade which trims in two lines. This makes it more effective in trimming your edges, weeds and even overgrown bushes. A single light stroke cuts a large area with ease. It allows you to achieve tidiness and neatness for your compound much faster. It’s perfect for small scale cleaning jobs.
Harness: This ergonomic unit spreads out the load thus providing comfort while improving the overall trimming efficiency. A harness serves to eliminate shoulder and back aches.
Construction: True-shopping trimmer weighs 9 kg due to a heavy duty construction which increases durability. The weight limits this model to small jobs which require a powerful engine and tough metal blades.
Handling and Safety: A handlebar is included to prevent backaches. The handle is made of quality plastic material which provides enough grip. This model is CE and EMC certified for safety. It starts easily in all kinds of weather making it convenient. A sparking circuit primary short also makes it easy to stop.

It has a powerful engine which gets the job done much faster. It is also offered at an affordable price. The metallic and sharp blade goes through the grass and weeds much easier. True-shopping is easy to assemble straight from the box. The engine is easy to start using a smooth power cord. The plastic handles provide the necessary grip for handling a powered machine. This is a great value kit as it includes Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner attachments, as well as the necessary accessories.

This model is a bit heavy making it less effective for extended use. It’s also noisy meaning you have to stop all activities which demand silence. The instruction manual is less user-friendly. A lot of smoke is produced at full throttle. Plastic parts on the sling are a bit flimsy.

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What to look for when choosing a petrol garden strimmer

Like most garden tools, there are certain things that petrol strimmers need to come equipped with in order to allow users to get their garden work completed in a timely manner. When purchasing a strimmer, you want to examine the weight of the unit and the engine.

With any type of garden work you are completing, you don’t want your tools to be too heavy because it affects how quickly and efficiently you will be able to work. Many of the top-selling petrol strimmers on the market weigh between 6 and 10 kg, making them lightweight and easy to handle during operation. When looking for the best petrol strimmer for a large garden, then weight becomes quite important as you will have to carry it for longer periods.

No one wants to spend a ridiculously long period of time tending to garden work, so a strimmer with a powerful engine that can get the job done quickly is ideal. Top-selling strimmers feature engines that have a minimum and maximum speed between 3500 and 8500.